Böhm Boehm Bohm Sempra SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib Keyswerk

Sempra SE 40 3.0 Pro-Lib

Optimal in every detail

A two-manual top organ whose extraordinary design alone is a testament to how exceptionally musical it is.
Böhm Boehm Bohm Sempra SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib Keyswerk
Böhm Boehm Bohm Sempra SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib Keyswerk
Böhm Boehm Bohm Sempra SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib Keyswerk
Böhm Boehm Bohm Sempra SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib Keyswerk

Sempra SE 40 3.0 Pro-Lib

A two-manual top organ, of course with all the advantages of the new SEMPRA 3.0 version and the sensational new Pro-Lib sound library . The SEMPRA SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib’s extraordinary design is a testament to how limitlessly musical it is. 

The SEMPRA SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib is a feast for the eyes and ears in the highest quality design. As with all Böhm instruments, the housing is made of valuable solid or real wood . Stains in almost any wood color, including satin black or white, but also individual brilliant finishes in your desired color are possible.


The following model variants of the SE40 are available:

SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib home: Floor-standing model with a solid wood base and powerful multi-way speaker system with additional tweeters in the console. And because only the best is good enough for us, our built-in speaker systems are powered by a Class D power amplifier from the Danish high-end manufacturer Bang&Olufsen (2 x 250 watts). You can hear the difference! 

SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib concert : Do you already have a separate speaker system or do you primarily use your SE40 on stage? Then the concert edition is your instrument! Without built-in speakers and amplifiers, this version is much more transport-friendly. 

SE40 3.0 Pro-Lib sacral: like SE40 home, but with 25-key full pedal, Classic Complete sacral organ software and 115 cm bench, height adjustable

The innovative SEMPRA 3.0 REALTIME PERFORMANCE system makes the SEMPRA SE40 one of the most extraordinary organs in its class. You can fully exploit all the possibilities of the SEMPRA 2.0 version with its outstanding musicality on this instrument. The unrivaled silky, brilliant and full sound of the AMADEUS Pro-D sound generator is of course also one of the impressive features of this organ and is processed into an excellent sound experience via the D-MiX studio preamplifier. 

The SE40 home edition’s integrated multi-way speaker system with a powerful Bang&Olufsen stereo digital power amplifier and additional tweeter in the console brings out the impressive richness of the sound. 
If desired, you can also get the SEMPRA SE40 in the concert edition without built-in speakers and amplifiers. 

These functional apps/software additions are already pre-installed in new SE40 instruments:


SE40 home/concert:

  • Organ type package “SEMPRA” for RealOrgan, 5 organ types, up to 12 choirs, 16 presets per organ type 
  • App sound controller functions  with individual threshold control, distance and much more
  • App DSP extension for AMADEUS to 4 effect DSPs (each DSP up to 6 effects simultaneously)
  • App partial parametric 5-band equalizer  for D-MiX preamplifiers
  • App D-MiX Rotor  fully editable rotor effects processor for AMADEUS sounds or RealOrgan

additionally at SE40 sacral:

  • Böhm, famous organs Classic organ software package with 256 single and combination registers including C/C sharp drawer separation 
    and 64 SONGs with 6 registrations each (setter)


You can further increase the musical potential of the SE40 with additional function apps, style, sound and preset packages. For example, get the arpeggiator as a creative second accompaniment machine in your SE40, or the sideline function, with which you can record your performance including the operating steps, play it back and of course also play it back.
The SEMPRA SE40 also looks good from the back. A flap on the top hides all cable connections. And you don’t have to disconnect these cables even if you want to transport your SE40. A solid connector ensures a reliable connection of all cables between the upper and lower parts. For transport you just need to take the top off or put it back on. Opening the top and “pulling the strings” is not necessary with Böhm! 

It’s details like these that make the difference…