The BÖHM brand has always stood for future security in organ building! BÖHM organs and keyboards can be expanded and renewed even after years with new software and hardware. This also applies to the new SEMPRA technology, which can be retrofitted into many earlier models!

SEMPRA conversions (including the new SEMPRA version 2.0) are available for the earlier Böhm models Starlight , Overture (all variants), Sinfonia , Emporio and also many of the two-manual Silverbird models ( Premium, Platinum, SVB 27 ). The requirements for a conversion are the AMADEUS sound system, Qnamic (high-resolution touch dynamics) and the Crystal Mixer (preamplifier/effects system). If not available, these components can be included in the conversion. The eds Drawbar sound module can be adopted or, better yet, exchanged for the new and much better RealOrgan. 
Of course, the instrument can also be upgraded to the latest technology with AMADEUS Pro-D and the D-MiX preamplifier system. 

With a SEMPRA upgrade, your beloved instrument becomes a new organ with the latest technology and all the features and options (exception: preset button on the manual intermediate bar) that characterize our new SEMPRA generation. All available software and hardware extensions for SEMPRA can be added.

We promised: your Böhm instrument will not become obsolete! Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you on upgrade options for your BÖHM instrument!

Nähere Infos zu den modellspezifischen Umrüstmöglichkeiten finden Sie in der entsprechenden Preisliste