BÖHM SEMPRA 3.0 & Pro-Lib

Experience the musical perfection of the new SEMPRA 3.0 generation and the sensational Pro-Library. The best SEMPRA ever!

Böhm Organs AMERICA

BÖHM is the pioneer of premium electronic organs and keyboards in Europe with over 65 years of experience.

A new star in the keyboard sky - 2 x 76 keys for more playing options

Böhm Church Organs AMERICA

Built for churches and for homes
Bohm Organs America


German premium electronic organs

Bohm Organs America

Sempra 2.0

New technology on three manuals

Bohm Builds it Better

Bohm Organs and Keyboards have more to offer hobby and professional organists than any other keyboard instrument ever made.  Home organs, church organs, theater organs, jazz organs, gospel organs, keyboard organs- the sky’s the limit with Bohm.  It starts with extraordinary design choices in the all-wood cabinet finish and sound packages that are just right for you!

And as for Bohm’s organ keyboards, keyboard players will love the versatility and portability of Bohm’s organ keyboards, found even in our spinet models. Bohm’s keyboards offer uncommon programmability and design choices just not found in any other keyboard instruments.

In addition to a very complete line of handmade, all- wood constructed home organs and keyboards, traditionally trained organists will be extremely impressed by Bohm’s custom designed church organs.  The stop list and sound combinations available on all three of these beautiful models will amaze even the most discerning, classically trained organists, gospel organists or student organists.

And for lovers of Hammond organs and other drawbar-based keyboard instruments, they will enjoy excellent, active real organ drawbar operation as well as professionally voiced drawbar preset combinations. These are purposely made for organ players of all ages, levels and styles of playing.  Imagine, Bohm actually offers not only this popular sound, but the sound of the most famous “eras” of Hammond organs made over the years.  In addition to this, keyboard players have the ability to mix these popular features with other sounds and music style settings.  On top of all this, organ players can connect and control their Leslie speaker to Bohm’s active drawbars for amazing studio- like combinations for the ultimate organ sound experience.

These are just some of the features and benefits of that make Bohm the most versatile concept to be found in any of the digital musical instruments on the market today.  We enjoy telling keyboard players about Bohm keyboard instruments, and look forward to assisting you in your personally designed Bohm organ.  Bohm America occasionally offers used organs we’ve taken in on trade for our new 3.0 Sempra series. We’ll be happy to tell you about those as well.



Bohm Organs America SE60 Three Manual

BÖHM is the pioneer of premium electronic organs and keyboards in Europe with over 65 years of experience. Today BÖHM organs and keyboards are developed and manufactured at Keyswerk Musikelektronik GmbH in Nienstädt. With the current series of SEMPRA organ and keyboard models, our organ manufacturing offers the most exclusive instruments of their kind in the world. SEMPRA redefines today’s electric organ and keyboard with unique playing options, easy operation and an intoxicating sound experience! 

Bohm Organs America


The musical heart of the BOHM SEMPRA organs and keyboards does not consist of conventional PC technology, but rather of the most modern electronics developed specifically for this purpose and an ultra-stable real-time operating system. All essential hardware and software components are exclusive developments from our company.

This flexible and modular system, which is unique on the global market, not only guarantees the greatest versatility and operational reliability as well as an outstanding sound experience but is also the prerequisite for the future security of our instruments. Both the software and the hardware components of the SEMPRA instruments can be easily replaced with more modern ones, even after years. This means your organ or keyboard will remain an up-to-date instrument in terms of sound and technology for many years!

Experience SEMPRA and be inspired by the innovative technology, the fantastic possibilities and of course by the brilliance, fullness and warmth of the sound of our organs and keyboards! BÖHM SEMPRA – the BEST for your music!


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