BOHM SE 20 Church Organ

The BOHM SE 20 Church Organ is  the perfect choice  for smaller churches  needing to replace their spinet organ. The SE 20 Church Organ, standard as shown, is a small console with big classic organ sound and capability. Available in 17 note or 25 note pedalboard as shown, it can be customizable to fit the needs of any worship setting. 


Experience the Entire World of Classical Organ Music

From the very beginning, Böhm organs have been performing exceptionally well in the field of classical and sacred organ music!  With our software package, “CLASSIC COMPLETE”, found in Böhm’s Famous Organs Series, you can experience the entire world of classical organ music on your SEMPRA model, in virtual perfection, in a way that has probably never been heard before from an electronic "universal" organ!

With more than 240 single stops and stop combinations, you will also find 2 distinct sound banks containing 43 and 64 perfectly arranged SONGs, sorted by stop types, each with 6 single presets, allowing you to play the works of the great masters in tonal perfection, just like on a great church organ.

The tonal foundation for the “CLASSIC COMPLETE” software package is taken from the excellent samples found in our basic package "Böhm’s Famous Organs".  But now, with SEMPRA 2.0 technology, the stops and stop combinations of our church organ sounds have been created with the ability to make extensive use of the new "Distance"feature. This amazing feature actually allows you to position the individual pipe works or stops in the registrations individually, anywhere within the space and depth of the room. Depending on the “intensity” you wish to create, you can use this parameter to achieve different auditory “impressions” that correspond (more directly) to the listening experience of the organist playing directly at the organ console, or (more diffusely) to the experience of the listeners in the nave, for example.

Depending on the playback system used, the positions of the stops can be optimally reproduced to your liking. In fact, some organ pipes will sound like they are "close enough to touch"!

Up until now, the Böhm SEMPRA is certainly the only digital organ that allows you to combine sounds so quickly and yet so flexibly, without first having to load in other samples or voicings before you play. And, with its multiple sound system features, the organist will be able to create and register either very strictly, according to “music periods”, or, more freely and creatively.  

Just imagine the possibilities!